Alerty Enterprise

Alerty Enterprise is a wireless temperature monitoring and alerting solution.

The system was developed to suit both medium and large business needs. 

Being a standalone system Alerty has several advantages, including:

Cost reduction through negating the need of costly infrastructure
Modular, flexible expansion and removal capability 
  • Quick,disruption free set up
  • Built in back up battery
    (fully operational for up to 2 hours in the event of power failure)
  • Remote web access to all monitored assets
  • Automated warning delivery through email,SMS or both
    (up to 200 contacts)
  • Automated historical data recording
    (at minutes,hours,days intervals)
Alerty offers substantial cost savings to users through:
  • Reducing associated cost with audits and other compliance procedures. 
  • Preventing stock damage and waste.
  • Reduction of power usage through optimization.
  • Reduction of human error and labour cost relating to manual readouts.
  • Early warning regarding abnormal equipment behavior.
Alerty enterprise is capable of monitoring several parameters other than temperature,
These include :
  • Smoke detection.
  • Humidity levels.
  • Flood sensors.
  • Door sensors.
  • Land line alarm dialer.
Alerty is suitable for installation in vehicles.

Click here to download Alerty Enterprise product brochure