Alerty is a unique standalone, modular wireless system that remotely monitors temperature and sends instant alerts of any deviations, via GSM (mobile phone) and or Web (email) technology.

There are currently 2 Alerty models available –
Alerty4 is a standalone unit capable of detecting a number of deviations relating to change of temperature at pre-set desired parameters and intervals, alerting users instantly via SMS.
Alerty 4 is capable of sending alerts to 4 different mobile phone numbers simultaneously, together with ongoing updates that can be pre-set to deliver both critical warnings and non-critical data temperature readouts at “to the minute,hour,day” intervals.
Alerty Enterprise combines all the features of Alerty4 together with a host of other features including, Web Capability, Landline Dialing Alerting, as well as several other customizable monitoring features like;
  • Humidity sensors
  • Smoke Detection Warning
  • Flood & Moisture Sensors
  • Door Sensors
Alerty Enterprise is capable of alerting and interacting with up to 200 users simultaneously over GSM (mobile phone) or Web (email) comprehensively providing fail safe insurance, typically required by larger, multi-site operations on a national or global scale.
Both system thresholds can be set to high and low variables as nominated, within a range of (-40 degrees to +85 degrees) 
Alerty is a plug and play modular device, ensuring fast, simple and cost effective installation without impeding your existing infrastructure, warranty or business operations.
The unit is a completely independent system also suitable for installation to vehicles or any mobile operation.
Alerty is a market leading, cost effective solution for a range of industries including: 
  • Cold storage rooms 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation 
  • Server rooms 
  • Agriculture 
  • Retail 
  • Mining
  • and many more